Number Stations

Here is what is important about Numbers Stations.

Some are completely Legit.

Others are a hoax.

The ones that never change their messages Repeat consistently the same messages over and over again are meant for someone that has not checked in yet. Someone who was sent to do XYZ it is an abort message or stand by. The only time that that message will change is if they are no longer supposed to be standing by or aborting. It could be either one of these. Possibly these stations will cease once these organizations are under the impression that the recipient is dead. If it is an abort if it is a standby then again until such will continue until the organization believes such said person/s are dead. Someone may have been tasked with a certain job that in the event X happens (Code changing) they are to do one specific task/s Y.

Since it might not be in the interest to do Y even if the cold war is over.

It is likely that all number stations will cease to exist soon if they have not already. Some may pop up randomly in the future for sleeper agents. However they will most likely never be discovered let alone recorded.

There are much better ways to transmit information than SW and have someone check a particular station at a specific time of the day or week or month.



The great Sinking Ship: Obamacare

Let’s face it Obamacare is a sinking ship. It is sinking very fast at that. Yet, some politicians and liberal lefties are touting “ObamaCare progress we can build upon.”

Lets think about this for a minute. I will give to analogy’s to support my thoughts. One would you rebuild a building on a foundation that is crumbling at its core? Would you even find a reputable builder who would say yeah we can build upon that crumbling foundation no problem.  The answer is no. The odds are if an individual was so hell bent on building on the same crumbling foundation it would cost them significantly more money to repair that foundation than start anew. That is assuming the original crumbling foundation repairs would even work. If such said more expensive repairs than starting anew didn’t work, the individual would still be out of the money in attempts to repair them.

Now for my favorite analogy. Why on earth would you try to build a new ship on top of a ship that is already sinking? Would you have the new ship built in time before the original ship sinks? We are talking about the Government here. We all know how the “Shovel Ready Jobs” worked out. Nothing happened fast, and no real results were seen. My best bet is it is not even possible.

I am by no means a fan of nationalized health care. However, if it must exist, please create a program/law/bill that is easy to understand to the general public. Don’t sell it on false pretenses. Make real plans rather than a rushed lets vote on this now, lets not even worry about what is in it mentality. I would expect our officials not to treat something that drastically effects every single American citizen like an iTunes user agreement.

This was doomed from the beginning. The politicians need to scrap everything and start over.

The Real Obama Care Enrollment Numbers Are False!

Okay lets get some facts straight, the title says it all. Here is one reason why these numbers are False.

While the Administration is boasting close to 10 million signed up for Health Insurance because of Obama Care. Great, So about 10 million people have Health Care coverage right now because of the supposed Affordable Health Care act also dubbed as “Obama Care”.

But, No one seems to be mentioning the exact number of individuals who lost their current health care coverage because of Obama Care, and because they had health care insurance prior they obviously don’t want to do with out it.

Myself like many Americans already had Health Insurance prior to the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care). Some of those people who were fortunate enough to have decent Private Health care coverage prior to the Act going into effect are “Grandfathered Status” meaning They don’t have to pay for certain types of Health care benefits they will never use. For me this means  I won’t be paying for Maternity care etc.  Which is a good thing because I am a Male and frankly will never use such coverage. This is great news for myself, other wise a Obama Care plan with similar benefits I currently have would actually cost me a few $100 dollars more a month. So to me there is nothing “affordable” about the Affordable Health Care act.

But to those unfortunate individuals who had private or even company insurance after the “Obama Care” Grandfathered in cut off date with policies that did not adhere to the Obama Care rules. Lost their health care Coverage. A dear friend of mine lost his insurance for his entire family at the beginning of January. Why because of Obama Care. It is now a huge sacrifice and struggle for him to pay his new Health Care premiums under the Obama Care Mandate, and frankly he has worse health care benefits than he had under his previous plan. Higher co pays, higher deductible, and himself, his wife, and even his new born’s doctor is not covered under his current Obama care plan. They are currently scrambling to find a new doctor for their newborn. The only good thing is they can wait a few months to find a new doctor for themselves due to they both are in excellent health.

Sure he signed up for his new health care under the exchanges. But, He had healthcare prior to Obama Care robbing him of decent health insurance he could actually afford, and not have to make drastic lifestyle changes.

So as anyone who has ever had to write a research paper before knows. You can make the Data look like anything you want to support your case. But, how many of this supposed 10 million people lost their insurance because of Obama Care and had to sign up for new insurance plans to replace their old ones because of Obama Care. Not because they were not previously insured, not because they have pre existing conditions, and not because they couldn’t afford it before.

Since I don’t have these Raw numbers and frankly don’t have access to those numbers I can’t tell you for sure. My bet is almost half of those 10 million people already had some sort of health insurance prior to Jan. 1 2014.

There is some people that do have the Raw Numbers on this. It would be the Obama Administration. Will they ever really release these numbers? No they will not.

My thoughts on the matter. Hopefully they made you think.

Ball State Smoking Ban Questions from a reader.

These questions presented to me about my previous Post are very good questions. So important. I fell they warrant its own post.

“Luke R. McLaughlin says:

This is an extremely interesting article, and as a student of Ball State I have a few follow up questions that might be helpful if clarified.

1. I agree that the roads running through campus are the property of the county, but couldn’t Ball State argue that since all the funding going into maintaining this property (the physical roads and sidewalks) is from Ball State Parking Services they technically have the right to jurisdiction? The police officer rule makes since, because there is no monetary value in their claim, but the fact that all the updates in the past decade have been from Ball State makes me wonder. Just curious if this makes the facts any different. Can BSU makes rules for roads/sidewalks that they maintain?

2. I know a lot of educational facilities across Indiana have a strict no smoking policy that is heavily enforced. Does the 8-foot (sometimes 25-foot) rule still apply in this case? Could I smoke 8-feet from a door at Muncie Central High School if I was standing on a path? Since Ball State is a public university that receives funding from the state, could they not fall back on these non-smoking rules for public schools?

3. Define intimidation. Is creating a rule that is not enforceable intimidation? Is not enforcing the rule you’ve created intimidation? Is simply altering the way people think intimidation or bullying? Unfortunately, people are altered in their decisions every day for rules far less impending than the smoking ban. Ball State has made a possibly not enforceable rule that has helped keep the campus cleaner, more attractive for visiting guests, and more enjoyable for students who don’t smoke. If they stopped them from smoking just off campus then I would say, “This is wrong,” but altering where they partake in the activity seems content neutral. Again, our definition of intimidation and bullying may be entirely different, and thus deem my thoughts incoherent and wrong.

I personally have no preference of where they smoke, and have never seen it as a problem at BSU. I have many friends that smoke, and will continue to smoke. Though I have no personal preference, I know many people do. I like this article, and the results of its relevance could be ground breaking for many of the students, faculty and staff that are smokers on campus. It may effectively reinstate the smoking areas on campus. The roads and sidewalks are the most visible areas for visitors of campus, and keeping them clean should be a top priority for the University. If smokers can use the sidewalks, then the smoking areas should be reopened for use. It would be a step backward, but the correct step if the law currently in place is not punishable in the court of law.”

First off you are mistaken about one thing. Ball States Rule about No Smoking on campus is not a LAW! They can enforce their rules on their campus. I am pointing out that the PUBLIC sidewalks along PUBLIC roads, are actually NOT PART OF CAMPUS, and out of the jurisdiction of their rules.

1. (a) No Ball State can not make rules and enforce their will upon students or the people on public sidewalks, along public roads. It doesn’t matter where the money came from to update, fix, maintain a public road or sidewalk. It is still a Public road.

1. (b) (explained in example form) If you had chosen to update and maintain a public road in front of your house, and lets say you wanted cobble stone to make it look impressive in front of your house. It does not make the street or sidewalk yours. Nor do you have the right to choose who uses it when and or how. You can not enforce your rules upon another citizen on how they choose to walk or smoke on the sidewalk in front of your home. Yes you would still be required to maintain it so that it is safe to walk upon.
1. (c) Ball state does not maintain or have parking meters anywhere on public roads. Because They can’t. BSU’s Parking meters are strictly on BSU Property, not on actual Public roads. The meters alongside Riverside road by Christy Woods Park are Munice Meters Enforced by Munice. The Prices and fines are different for those meters as opposed to Ball States Fines. (surprisingly the fines by the city are cheaper than BSU’s)

1. (d) *However Ball State does have sidewalks that are Private. i.e. sidewalks such as the cow path, the crumbling sidewalks that pass through the quad just to name a few are actually Private sidewalks. At that point i suppose they could internally take some sort of action, assuming you are a student. If you are not a student the only logical thing they could do is possibly issue a No trespass order.

2. Short answer is No. I must remind you My discussion was concerning Public Sidewalks only. None the less.

The terms “Students” and “School” in Indiana law is usually interpreted for students and/or schools/properties involving K-12, but can also include preschools and some qualifying day cares.

Universities and Colleges Take a different meaning all together legally speaking. Though those terms could potentially apply to college level academia, but generally such would not be applied because College is mainly optional. Also, While public universities do receive funds from the state. You still have to pay, out of pocket to attend, i.e. your tuition. Since this is the case the state is subsidizing your in state tuition at a Public University to an extent for its residences or citizens however you choose to look at it.

K-12 is mandates your attendance, up until a certain age or grade level in Indiana at least. The majority of students in college are adults, certain laws do not apply.

2. (b) But you bring up an interesting argument about K-12 education property. As long as the side walk or road leading to or in front of the such said school is along a public road. You are free to smoke on it assuming that sidewalk is more than 8 feet away from the entrance of the building.

But, Being on a path that is not part of the public sidewalk is where it gets fishy. So your answer there is no you can not smoke there. But if you do, they could ask you to leave, or extinguish your smoke. If you don not leave then it is a matter of trespassing. Using a public sidewalk along side a public road is not considered trespassing. Neither would be driving on that road. Even if you had a no trespass order against you say for the K-12 school.

3. Ball state’s actual objective is to make their Health Insurance premiums lower. This is about money not actually about appearing cleaner. “Healthier cleaner place to work and study” is actually secondary if not guise of the whole thing. Think about it this way if they really wanted the Campus to be cleaner for visitors etc. They would Not allow smoking at the stadium for foot ball tailgate. However, they do realize they would upset fans, and previous alumni by doing this. So they have created an exception to appease their visitors.

3. (b) you are right a lot of public institutions have tried to make no smoking bans. Even Ivy Tech has done so. But Ivy Tech has been smart enough and gracious enough to inform its students that smoking along the public sidewalks of the public road they can not control.  Soon I will have a picture next time I am in the Lawrence area again and can take a picture of it. (they obviously have an intelligent legal team working for them, and know damn well they can not enforce their policies on a public sidewalk)

3. (c) Unfortunately Ball State Mandates that New Freshman who’s homes are more than 60 Mile radius from Ball state Live on campus. For those people Ball State is their place of residency. (legally Dorm living is not a permanent address but more like a hotel room address) none the less. Students live here, by choice or by sheer obligation. No one made them choose Ball State. But none the less why should someone have to leave the comfort of their shared leased property.

4. Staff: Staff unfortunately are bound by conditions of employment. Indiana is an At will state. Meaning you can quit your job provided you don’t have a specific contract stating a set term of employment. You have no legal duty to give your employer any notice of you leaving your job. But at the same time your employer has not legal duty to give you any notice of termination. They could fire your tomorrow for what ever reason they see fit.

It would be unwise to smoke along the public sidewalk in front of campus if you are an employee of this University in any shape or form. You could loose your job. So to those individuals smoke in your car or off campus.

Thank you for your thought out questions and statements. I appreciate them greatly. As far as intimidation that section was more or less just a food for thought section for the reader. I never implied that Ball state was intimidating anyone.

But I give you some more food for thought. Ball State is a Public State University. Not a private institution Like N.D. University. So technically the whole University is just as Public as a Public Library.

*I am not a lawyer, I do not have a j.d. Degree. all Legal is my personal conclusions and interpretations on current and previous law research. I encourage everyone to do their own research. I am merely pointing out facts to the best of my knowledge. Knowledge I have obtained through such said research. Again, I have pointed out places to start looking. And by finding those references provided earlier in the original post. It should enable you to navigate and find these facts and others for yourself.

Authors final thoughts:

I feel that it would be prudent of Ball State to have a few Dedicated Smoking areas for students living here, and those who are commuting. Just for the sake of the safety of the students. Or at the very least to maintain the illusion that Ball State takes the safety of their students seriously. But than again, any student that was on campus last year for the “supposed armed gunman” knows. Ball State made little to no effort to ensure the campus was truly safe.

Ball State Smoking Citations can’t be upheld in Court.

You can actually smoke at Ball State University

The reason why no Smoking Citations have been issued by the police department is because they can NOT issue them. They have no legal grounds to issue a smoking citation and it will not hold up in a court of law. Assuming the individual was smoking alongside a road or on the public sidewalk. Really the only thing they can write a ticket for is littering you cigarette butt.  So be a responsible smoker and do yourself a favor. Extinguish your cigarette, cigar, etc. and place it in a trash can.

Here is why at least pertaining to sidewalks : Roads such as Petty, McKinley, Neely, Riverside, University are public roads. So are the sidewalks along those roads.  There Is No City or State Law Prohibiting smoking on public sidewalks or along the sides of public streets where no sidewalk is provided.  However, if an individual chooses to smoke outdoors and on a sidewalk they must be Eight (8) feet from the door of a public building, Per state law House Enrolled Act 1149  Since this is a State act this applies state wide including Muncie. Other towns, cities, counties have extended this to 25 feet, Delaware county is not currently such a county.  Since there is no law prohibiting smoking on public sidewalks except for the 8 foot rule, what citation can be written if someone isn’t violating it.

While the Ball State Police Department will likely try to convince you that you are wrong. By saying  “we maintain the sidewalk thus forth it belongs to Ball State, thus you can not smoke on the side walk.” Is actually False. Most Cities have laws stating that Business owners and home owners etc are legally bound to keep sidewalks clear and litter free.  Muncie is one of such said areas. Here is the Muncie code stating it § 96.32.

THE POLICE DEPARTMENT IS NOT LEGALLY REQUIRED TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH. IN FACT THEY ARE ALLOWED TO KNOWINGLY LIE TO YOU ABOUT FACT, AND PRESENT A FALSE FACT AS FACT TO YOU. TO GET YOU TO COMPLY OR TO GET YOUR TO CONFESS TO A CRIME YOU DIDN’T COMMIT.  Just call up the police department and ask them for legal advice or what a law means. They quickly will say they are not lawyers, and can not help you.

Which the whole we maintain it so its ours idea, never will fly infact. according to  “The university has asked students and employees to avoid going into neighborhoods to smoke and has put out trash cans to steer smokers to areas where they won’t be a nuisance. Bales said the trash cans are an effort to help keep residents happy and problem areas cleaner. She said the university’s grounds crews also clean the area daily.” BSU is maintaining where smokers are currently congregating off of campus. So with that police logic, the property would be theirs as well.   If this mentality was true, I would be mowing the University Presidents house daily, so I can make claims that the yard is thus forth mine because I maintained it.

State law in regards to Sidewalks: Indiana is it is very clear for pedestrians IC 9-21-17-12 states you must use the sidewalk if one is available rather than walk alongside the road. Thus, the sidewalk is actually a right of a pedestrian to use.  Muncie Law also is very clear under § 73.05 (B), It almost if not identically mirrors Indiana State Code.

The City of Muncie’s Street Department claims and recognizes the sidewalks along previously mentioned roads, even the sidewalks along those streets that run through campus as theirs Here is Muncie Street Department’s Phone number (765) 747-4847.

Muncie defines Sidewalks under § 70.01 of their code

“Sidewalk. That portion of a street between the

curb lines, or the lateral lines of a roadway, and

the adjacent property lines intended for the use of


State law reference—Similar provisions, IC 9-4-1-14 (d).”


Please check out for answers to a readers questions regarding this article.



Indiana Legal Documents: IC 9-4-1-14, IC 9-21-17-12, House Act 1149,  all can be found @

Muncie Ordinance Code: § 70.01, §96.32. § 73.05 (B) Can be found @

Legal disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, I strongly urge everyone who reads this to verify these facts on your own and to leave a comment and specify which claim if any is incorrect. If you wish to proceed with your rights. Please, make sure you have the ability (financially and proper personal knowledge to see your actions through.)  This is research that was conducted by myself and should take you less than 1 hour to verify and do your own research on the matter. If you are well to do, or your family is willing to support you on this matter financially, contact a lawyer and pay them for their counsel on the matter.

College, Univeristy, Higher Education as a Non traditional Student

Don’t let college feel out of reach just because of your age. Many Universities have on campus housing not limited to just dorms. They have apartment units that are typically priced extremely reasonable for the area that they are nestled in. Perfect for those of you who have a family, or older student who commands his/her own privacy and space.

Regardless of your reasons why attending college may have been delayed or postponed. Don’t let it discourage you. Life does indeed happen to all of us. Fact is most people even when they attend college traditionally do not have a clue what they really want to do with the rest of their lives. This is where a non traditional student has a one up on the traditional college student. It is fair and safe to say as a non traditional college student (over age 25). Has a better grasp of what they want to do with their lives and more focus. I know this is the case for me.

You need to get the notion that brick and mortar colleges are only 18-22 yr olds. or those seeking Masters and or P.h.D. degrees out of your head right now. In fact, colleges and universities are scrambling to make Non traditional students more welcome and even tailored for such students. Which any University operating with the premiss that only 18-22yr old students are their main focus needs to reevaluate their stance immediately, or they will be the Universities left in the dust. As universities and college have aggressively implementing online college classes for students. But, they seem to lack the understand that some students even though they are older do not appreciate such online classes and want a traditional class room instruction.

Don’t let how you will be perceived by your fellow students limit you in your choice of Higher education. It really won’t be a factor. Do check before enrollment what programs and assistance are specially tailored for you and your particular circumstances. As everyone’s background is different from one another. Such as day care, appropriate transportation etc. 

The trend is that the 18-22 year old students in America are going to quickly become the minority at colleges. As people are more interested in obtaining a degree later in life. Don’t let that hinder you. Don’t be afraid of sharing your age. I was for the first two semesters, just be open and honest about it. Fellow students may ask why, (which would be a natural and valid question) but the reason isn’t offensive they are students just like you trying to understand their surroundings and fellow classmates better. In fact, I have found that even though the majority of my classmates are younger, they have a strong appreciation that I am older and even helpful in my quest for a degree. Do not be afraid to learn from someone who might be 10 yrs or more years younger than you. They might be able to share their understanding of a topic in ways that frankly the professor was unable to successfully teach the class. (in ways that make more sense)

You should indeed focus on trying to create a group of non traditional students (even if for social reasons) and demand more from your University. Do not feel afraid to address any concern where you feel as Non traditional student your needs are not being meet.

Do find a level of humility though. It does take some humbling to enter a classroom to listen to a lecture about real life events happening or recently happening, where you know damn well the professor has a demented and bent view on the world. You have one up on the professor and other students in this case. You have already formed your own opinions, and you are not easily brain washed by your professor in their political agenda’s. Just smile, and avoid confrontation, on the topic. Just go with the flow, trust me it will be easier that way. Learn from my mistake ;).

When a professor says that its an open discussion, or likes to play the opposite side of the coin. It really isn’t. Be mindful of any publications, and or writings, or what ever the professor says in class on given topics. Before writing down, or opening your mouth on a open discussion.

Too. be continued

a boost to those with considering their goals

Life is all in how you wish to perceive it.  Some say they have many regrets, I cannot say that I have any regrets.  I can say I have faced many challenges; some have resulted in extreme disappointment.  I can say that I do not regret any of my personal experiences.  Life is about weighing the risks and taking chances. Life does not reward those who play on the sidelines and never take risks. Sure, goals and desires are imperative to have. Few I have noticed seem to take the steps to obtain those goals or desires.  Few are ready to accept the risks and face potential failures. Life in reality does not have failures. They are more or less lessons for us, too pick up the pieces, or scrap the project and try a different approach.  Instead people make excuses for not pursuing their goals.  Some excuses are elaborate and deeply complex, only to justify the why not. Usually they are superficial and barely skin deep.

It is those who pick themselves back up, try again are those who are successful. It doesn’t matter if it’s dating, business, education, hobbies, or experiments so on and so forth. Some are a little more adaptive than others. Some are quicker to see where the next piece of the puzzle interlocks with the others. But we all have the ability to be successful, in any avenue our lives take us. Regardless of what is at hand. It is up to you and you alone to change your course. Make those decisions that are slightly out of your comfort zone.  You won’t have regret, maybe a disappointment or a failure (success) depending on the way you look at it.

So my challenge to you is to peer into your life, examine any current/old goals in your life that you have not even taken a chance on.  What is your excuse? Is it really an excuse or are you afraid of success?